Wine Tasting

Breathe in a new flavour at our wine tastings

Our wine tasting events offer an exploration of lots of categories, from new world vs old world to Port and Pudding wines.  With our wine tastings, learn more about each wine's origin, how it should be drunk and the perfect accompanying dishes. We'll have the wines you've tasted available for purchase at the end of the night, so you can take home your favourites and impress with your knowledge! 

Why wine tasting?

Wine has been a favourite for centuries, with each individual having personal preferences for flavour, richness etc. There are so many different wines available that a great introduction can set you off in the right direction, knowing what you like and how to incorporate this into any special meals. It also means that you can learn more about the tasting process itself and how to identify flavours before, during and after taking a sip! It's great fun, and in our custom-built tasting room you will enjoy great company as well as learning more about wine regions - and tasting some really great wines! 

    Private wine tasting events

    We are more than happy to consider your requests if you would like a private wine tasting for friends, family or corporate events. Simply contact us if you would like to book a private wine tasting for your group.


    When are your wine tasting events? 

    Check out the schedule below, we'll keep adding more so keep an eye on our dates or sign up to our newsletter using the link on our homepage! 

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