Party Beer Hire

Barrels of real ale, craft beer and lager

There's nothing quite like the taste of brewery fresh draught beer straight from the tap at a great event. If you are looking to experience that fresh-from-the-cask taste at home, for your event or wedding, or even in a marquee or field, we can help! We offer mini-casks of real ale, barrels of real ale and beer keg and taps

Glassware and technical support - no sweat!

There's no need to worry about all the ancillaries if you're putting on a big event - we can provide glassware hire and full technical support for the barrels, meaning all you have to do is turn up and sup! We want to give you a great experience with us - so if you have specific requirements please contact us beforehand - we'll do our very best to accommodate your needs. 

What size of barrel will I need? 

We can provide a range of sizes, from a 9 pint barrel for a small get together or personal use, to a 36 or 72 pint barrel for bigger events. We are happy to advise you what we think would be ideal if you need a bit of help too, so feel free to get in touch

How much room will I need? 

The great news is - not much! The barrels don't require a huge amount of room, they just need a counter top. 


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