Our Responsibility

At the Cellar Door we have a duty to sell alcohol in a responsible manner.  We have made a commitment to the Birmingham Licensing authority, the Police, local residents and community partnerships to ensure our actions don't cause a public nuisance, risk public safety, pose a risk to children or contribute to crime and disorder.

We have taken a number of steps to ensure we are fulfilling our obligations at all times;

Minimum Pricing

The current Government have not implemented the minimum pricing policy in England and Wales that the Scottish government have adopted.   This is a scheme that Alcohol Concern, believe will have a positive impact on reducing the consumption of alcohol among younger and more vulnerable groups.  Although this policy has not been written into law, Cellar Door Drinks have voluntarily adopted the proposals, meaning no product served in our store will be priced below 45p per unit.  Offering premium products at higher prices will deter anti-social behaviour, rather than encourage it according to the findings of Alcohol Concern.

Challenge 25

We have signed up to the voluntary scheme challenge 25 which is operated by the Retail of Alcohol Standards Group to reduce instances the consumption of alcohol among young people.  This basically ensures that everyone who buys at our store, will be asked to prove they of legal drinking age if they look under 25.   The enforcement of this scheme will be audited by the licensing authority on request.

Drink Aware