Gin is enjoying a resurgence not seen since Hogarth's time, the vast possibilities for botanical flavourings make it somewhat difficult to categorise, we have arranged our gin collection into the following broad categories; 

Botanically Led - Although by definition gin must be made with juniper, many distillers are casting other botanicals as 'leading ladies' such as the now famous Hendricks made with rose petals and cucumber, and Gin Mare which features the classic Mediterranean blend of rosemary, thyme, olives and basil.

Heavy on the Juniper - These gins are made in a classic London Dry style, which is traditional juniper driven style of gin, although it's not always made in London.  We tend to think of these as real sturdy gin-ny gins!

Old Tom - This is a style somewhere in between genever and London dry in terms of sweetness, and is rarely seen on the current market, but is an interesting alternative for the gin lover who's seen it all!

Tasting Evenings - We hold regular tastings in our Sutton Coldfield store

Sample Bottles - We know it's not always easy to choose when faced with the huge quantity of gins out there, so we present our sample bottles, 100mls, so there's a good few slugs in there, a trio of these bottles with a tonic or two makes a great gin gift.