Draught Beer At Home

If you're hosting a party or gathering, and would like to serve beer in style, we have a few options that will help you wow your guests, including real ale in casks or craft beer on tap.  

Order your real ale online or at the shop, and we'll give you a call to help you choose what beer you would like. 

Barrel of Real Ale

There are 36 pints in a small barrel, this is an Ideal format if you are hosting a party with 50-80 guests.  We condition and stabilise the beer for you on a wooden stand, so there's no need to settle the barrel overnight just pop it on a flat surface and pour.

Mini Cask

9 pints of brewery fresh cask beer, ideal to share between 2-3 guest at a party, barbeque or small gathering.

Festival Flagon

8 pints of bright cask beer to enjoy at a music festival or at restaurants without a drinks license.

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