5 Beers to fend off the chill

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So the evenings are drawing in, the leaves are turning brown and there's a sharp chill beginning to bite in the air.  It feels like that time of year, when it's time to put down the pale ales and ciders, and reach enthusiastically for the porters, ambers and best bitters.  The reasons for selecting my beer go from needing to be refreshed, to needing to be warmed from within.

Not everyone chooses their beer depending on the seasons, a third of beer drinkers stick with the same style all year round, but for me the thought of a Saison in deepest winter fills me with the same sense of dread that I get when I have that dream about being naked in public; drinking light beers when it's sub 10 degrees outside leave me feeling quite simply under dressed.

Here are the 5 beers that i will be tucking into in the lead up to Christmas


Einstock Toasted Porter

Brewed 60 miles south of the Arctic circle, Brewmaster Baldur Karason has some of the purest water on earth to call upon to create his range of amazing beers.  The toasted porter is smooth, rich and luxurious, with a hint of coffee from the beans added to enhance the flavour.


Brewdog 5 am Saint

From maverick brewers Brewdog, a red ale with the usual obscene levels of hop aroma, balanced brilliantly with crystal and amber malts to create this top beer.


Anchor Porter

First brewed in 1972, Anchor was the first modern American style Porter.  Produced using a blend of darker malts and heavy addition of hops would lead you to believe this would be a heavier beer, but the lightness is surprising and refreshing. Perhaps one for those still clinging to the Pale ale in January.


Williams Brothers Kelpie

Famed for bringing ancient Scottish beer recipes back to life, Williams Bros are constantly pushing the boundaries of brewing.  Kelpie is a seaweed ale, inspired by the brews of the coastal ale houses of the 1850's, the beer pours like engine oil, has a fresh sea breeze aroma and tastes unusual but approachable.


Titanic Plum Porter

Titanic brewery are based in Stoke-on-Trent, brewing great styles and fighting to keep the heritage of the potteries alive.  This great beer has a hint of plum, helping to lift the fruitier flavours from the brewing malts.



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