Beer! Drink less, drink better!

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It is a myth that all beers that are brewed over 5% abv are consumed wrapped in brown paper bags by old men in piss stained trousers. Some of the finest beers in the world, carry a higher alcohol gravity, because the brewer believes, that is the strength where the flavours will work best. I'm yet to see a 14 year old, send an older lad into a offy, to grab them a Trappist Ale or an Imperial Stout for an evenings park drinking.

High strength beer, that has been brewed well, and enjoyed in a moderate drinking occasion is a delight; with robust beer flavours being carried through with a pokey abv rather than the abv that will save the brewer the most money. The reality is, the recent reduction in strength we have seen by larger brewers has not been for the benefit of the beer drinker, but the benefit of the accountants who are paying less duty and the compliance officers who can now show they are being more responsible.

The daily recommended intake for a man is 3-4 units of alcohol. A regular sized bottle of 7% IPA is 2.3 units, with 5% beer weighing in at 1.6, therefore a single bottle of amazing beer, brewed with fresh ingredients in small batches like Thornbridge St Petersburg or Orval Trappist beer will keep you well within the guideline. A six pack of tall cans of lager, mass produced, full of adjuncts and stabilisers, brewed between 4 and 5%, will introduce a sledgehammer to bedtime, tripling the daily recommended intake.

So for me, now I'm a little older, the the motivation for having a beer in the evening is not for the feeling of getting drunk, but the enjoyment of the beer, I'd rather drink less and drink better.

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