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The Backyard Brewhouse team are ambitious brewers Austen Morgan and Mike Bates.  Their vision when commencing brewing in 2007 was to establish a creative, innovative, yet traditional brewing business that produces award winning ales. They have certainly achieved that and are proud that their beer from Walsall has gained national acclaim.  

The brew team have experimented with different combinations of hops and ingredients to find both traditional and excitingly new tasting ales. Old English Halcyon malt is the base for all Backyard Brewhouse beers but it does not stop there.  Combinations with hops such as New Age American, Old English, Slovenian and New Zealand as well as one or two other secret ingredients have helped make all of their beers popular and one or two award winners. They are determined to build on the successes of the last two years. Winning a national SIBA award for Gold and regional SIBA awards for Gold, IPA and The Hoard has helped them to secure a place as serious contenders in the brewing community.

Backyard Blonde is available on cask this weekend from Cellar Door Sutton Coldfield at £7.95 for a chilled 4 pint flagon.

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